Newland Directions

Experienced Corporate Executive


Professional Credentials

Personal Credentials


Born 7 February 1950
Married to Carol for 39 years, with three adult children.
Interests in music, theatre, cycling and travel.


Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, Victoria University
Chartered Accountant - NZICA
Chartered Director - NZIOD

Post Graduate Studies

Harvard Business School, USA  – 2005 Agricultural Executive Management
Stanford University, USA  – 2003 Executive Management
Macquarie University, Aust  – 2000 Strategic Planning
Purdue University, USA  – 1999 Agricultural Marketing
Purdue University, USA  – 1997 Cooperative Executive Management
Berkley University, USA – 1988 Marketing of Services


Fellow, NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants
Member, NZ Institute of Directors
Fellow, NZ Institute of Management

Commercial Credentials

Current Directorships

BNZ Partners (East Coast) from 2011 - Regional Chairman
Marist Holdings (Greenmeadows) Ltd, from 1997 - Mission Estate Winery
Direct Imports Ltd, from 2007 - Board Chairman
UBuy Ltd, from 2010 - Advisory Board Chairman
Swazi apparel Ltd, from 2013 - Advisory Board Chairman
Oil Imports Ltd, from 2014
Hawke's Bay Insurance, from 2014

Community Service

Patron of Theatre Hawke’s Bay Inc. from 2004
Chairman, Hawke's Bay Power Consumers' Trust from 2008