Newland Directions

Independent Director, Advisory Board Member & Trustee


Key Skills and Commercial Acumen


Strong and visible leadership style; successful motivator and supporter of others; charismatic approach; strong manager of people; ability to make and act on hard decisions; strong believer in “personal power” and unwavering resolve, as required

Vision & Strategy

Strong visionary and strategic thinking skills; ability to create “buy in” to share the objectives and goals and driver of performance towards plan

Transformation Management

Experience in transforming divisions and organisations; creating a totally new culture within a business or organisation; providing mentor support for leaders and others, and challenger of the status quo

Team Player

Inclusive approach to developing the plan; ability to lift the expectations and confidence of individuals; building enduring partnerships with key stakeholders (customers and suppliers)

Commercial Acumen

Strong financial, analytical and general business management skills; strong project management skills; ability to apply experience in a wide range of business environments


Strong verbal and written communication skills and significant experience in public speaking; mature; strong personal value system; entrepreneurial and competitive